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Why Choose Eagle?

Many cities claim to offer a “high quality of life”, but few deliver like Eagle. Eagle has a quality of life that connects with everyone’s tastes, passions and styles and affords residents, businesses and visitors’ endless ways to work and play. 

Encompassing both the Eagle Foothills and the Boise River, Eagle offers a balance of country rural living and urban living that creates harmony and sustainability, with an added bonus of more greenery, more open space, and a more relaxed and healthier pace of life. From the miles of trails and acres of parks to high quality schools, abundant shopping and entertainment,  and restaurants that run from five-star elegance to drop-in casual, Eagle offers people of all ages a multitude of reasons to call Eagle HOME.

Eagle’s unmatched quality of life, highly educated workforce and welcoming business environment attracts a diverse set of industries from corporate and regional headquarters offices, professional and financial services; to health and wellness related services, leisure and hospitality, retail,  back office support and light manufacturing.  Eagle offers a strong and vibrant economy that is continually recognized as being one of the best places to live in Idaho.

A friendly small-town atmosphere and authentic people are central to every chapter of Eagle’s success story.  We hope that you will be part of our story!