Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality 


Eagle boasts urban-like amenities with a comforting rural feel, plus a strong base of highly education workers.  

Potential for Growth

Centrally located in the Boise Metro region, Eagle is a fast-growing city with a current population of 29,910, and 716,545 in the metropolitan area.  The annual average growth rate between 2000-2016 was 8.13% with a post-recession (2010-2016) of 4.26%.  It is estimated, based on an annual average growth rate of 4.5% that the City's planning boundary will reach build out by approximately 2050, with a population of approximately 95,000.

The City of Eagle is well-positioned to grow its retail, restaurant and hospitality industry to accommodate its fast-growing population. Situated along the well-trafficked State Highway 55 (Eagle Road) and US 20/26, Eagle includes many available retail spaces and land, with competitive retail lease rates and average weekly wages. Despite recent employment gains, Eagle retail market remains less saturated than other Boise Metro area locations.

At a Glance

  • Median household income is $82,595
  • Over 49% of the population has a bachelor's degree or higher, with 53.48% having a college degree.
  • >350,000 in workforce within commuting distance
  • 79% homeownership rate
  • Cost of Living Index is 95.6% of the US
  • Poverty level is 6.2%
  • Low crime rates
  • Diversity of housing options
  • Direct connection to Interstate 84 from State Highway 55
  • Major transportation routes; US 20/26, State Highway 55 (Eagle Road), State Highway 44
  • High job concentration in the retail trade and accommodation and food service industry.
  • Location Quotient for Accommodation and Food Service is 1.36
  • Location Quotient for Arts, Entertainment and Recreation is 2.47
  • Location Quotient for retail is 1.14.  

Reasons to Choose Eagle

Strategically Located

Just 25 minutes from Boise and nestled between the Eagle Foothills and the Boise River, Eagle provides companies with access to more than 700,000 people within a 60-minute drive.

Highly Qualified Workforce

The Boise Metro is made up of a potential labor force of over $350,000 within a 45-minute commute, with a median age of 35.6. More than 31% of the Metro areas population has a bachelor's degree and higher, and more than 49% of the Eagle population has graduate level degrees. 

Flexible Commercial Options

Eagle offers an array of flexible commercial real estate, ranging from shovel-ready, build-to-suit sites to high visibility retail to acreage in several employment and business parks.

Low Cost of Doing Business

The Boise Valley ranks number 2 lowest costs nationwide for energy. Average retail lease rates in Eagle are very competitive with the surrounding communities to the west, and are less than Meridian, Southeast Boise and Downtown Boise.

Quality of Life

Close to Boise, but feels like a whole other state away; Eagle is known for its rich historical roots, picturesque landscape, sweeping foothills and Boise River views, excellent schools, convenient access to a variety of:

  • Natural resources and outdoor amenities
  • Open space
  • Quality housing
  • Strong culture
  • Distinct architectural design requirements