Citizen Engagement Request & Complaint Form


The City of Eagle utilizes the Citizen Engagement Request program using iWorQ technology for code enforcement complaints. Citizens can submit code violations and upload photos by simply filling out a web-based form

Once submitted, the iWorQ form automatically creates a tracking number for the request and assigns it to the Code Enforcement Officer. Once it’s updates and actions are tracked in the program database, until the request reaches a resolution. Citizens can also follow the status of their requests by creating an individual iWorQ account, at the time of the creation of their request.

(Create an account simply by signing in with Google or Facebook accounts, if you don’t have either one you can continue as Guest.)

Request Examples

Here are a few examples of citizen requests:

  • Building without a Permit
  • File a Weed Complaint
  • Intersection Site Obstruction
  • Report an Abandoned/Disable Vehicle
  • Report a Nuisance Animal or Noise Complaint
  • New Business needing a Portable Sign Permit
To submit a request, complete the form or use the free iWorQ app. If you’re having trouble completing the web-based form or app, call Eagle Police Code Enforcement Office at 208-577-3715.

Residents can download the free iWorQ Service Request app in PlayStore or iTunes. When setting up the app, use the agency code Eagle01.