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Eagle Fun Days Volunteering Application

  1. Interested in volunteering at the 2022 Eagle Fun Days Event?

    Please select which event or events you are interested in volunteering for. Some tasks require more volunteers than others, so you may not be selected for all the tasks you volunteer for. You may sign up as an individual or for a group, family, or organization.

  2. Eagle Fun Days Fireworks Show Volunteer Shifts

    Friday, July 8, Eagle Island State Park

  3. Eagle Fun Run 5k/10k Volunteer Shifts

    Saturday, July 9, Merrill Park

  4. Eagle Fun Days Car Show Volunteer Shifts

    Saturday, July 9, Downtown Eagle

  5. Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed Volunteer Shifts

    Saturday, July 9, Merrill Park

  6. Please include the number of volunteers in your group and your contact information. Our staff will be in touch a few weeks ahead of the event to give you more specific volunteering instructions.
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