City of Eagle Brand Identity


A strong community identity is supported by the adherence to this document.

A community identity helps audiences distinguish us from other cities and is built on the foundation of community experiences, perceptions, and aspirations of residents, visitors and businesses. A successful identity must be accurate, deliver on its brand promise, and provide a consistent experience with every encounter.

An identity is more than just a logo or a tagline. It is who the city is at its core - what, why and how it provides projects, programs, and services to its various stakeholders.

While the city’s identity is so much more than its logo, these elements – along with other visual communication elements – remain key to effectively communicating the city’s brand.

Graphic standards allow the many city departments and organizations to come together as a unified whole before the community and region – one voice, one brand, one city.

This document outlines the policies, procedures and graphic standards that must be followed in order to achieve a unified and consistent visual identity program for the City of Eagle. This includes the correct use of the city logo, seal and city color palette in a variety of applications including letterhead, forms, signage, vehicles, promotional items and publications.

Goals of the Brand

• Attract and grow business in Eagle with a fresh identity that resonates with its assets.

• Reflect Eagle’s variety of activities and vibrancy with residents that care so much about maintaining its beauty, culture and overall freshness.

• Present a comprehensive and consistent color and design scheme that reaffirms the city’s corporate identity, enhances its image within the community and region, and defines its unique position in relation to other cities.

Brand Consistency

Developing a strong community brand is key not only to attracting visitors to our community, but also in attracting new businesses and strengthening the businesses that are already here. When business representatives look at Eagle as a potential market for their business, they’ll first come here as visitors. An authentic brand that resonates throughout the City can also help our current businesses enhance the experience they provide their customers and facilitate a more coordinated and collaborative business community. By conveying a consistent message, we’ll ensure that we’re showing visitors, as well as potential new residents and business owners, all that Eagle has to offer.

The values the City of Eagle is built upon. Core values are the foundation of our organization and the pillars of every message we deliver. These are not messages directly to the public; rather, these should be what the public infers from the messages that are directed at target audiences.

GENUINE. This place is true to itself, evolving while staying rooted to its heritage.

PROUD. Proud of our history, proud of our people, proud of Idaho, and proud of what we will be.    

NEIGHBORLY. Good friends make good neighbors. In Eagle, we treat everyone with respect.

SPACIOUS. The beauty of the nature that surrounds Eagle is just as important as the carefully crafted architecture of the town. 

OPTIMISTIC. Eagle is amazing now, and its residents are intent on making it even better for the kids and grandkids who will follow.   


The overall tone and attitude we use to deliver our message. Brand personality is the key emotional component that determines whether the City of Eagle is a likable brand. Our Brand personality evokes a relationship with target audiences.

AUTHENTIC. This place is comfortable with itself and never tries to be anything it’s not.

VIBRANT. From nature to history to the joy of just being together, Eagle’s people find celebration in every season 
THOUGHTFUL. This place is intentional about growth, the prospects of its people, and its future.  

GRATIFYING. Eagle is where people can live their best lives.

CONFIDENT. This place will only get better with time.



The good life isn’t a faraway dream. It’s right here in Eagle. Our city is where you have the freedom to build a business that works, to reconnect with the wonder of the outdoors, to discover a true community of friends, and to craft a life you love.

Eagle, Idaho
Life, Done Right.