Backflow Prevention and Testing

Please review the following information about backflow, backflow prevention, and your responsibilities as a property owner.  Adjustments to water bills will not be made for consumption used through your backflow device for ANY reason. PLEASE confirm before and after testing that your backflow prevention device is in the ON or OFF position in accordance with your wishes. 

Help us protect your family’s water supply—test your backflow prevention device.

State Drinking Water Regulations

Idaho State Drinking Water regulations (IDAPA require that all backflow assemblies are inspected annually. Properties with assemblies that have not been tested,  have not been isolated or repaired or replaced, shall have water service to the failed assembly discontinued. Certified test results are due no later than June 15th of each year.  Failure to comply with the testing requirements by this due date could result in termination of water services to your home until such time as the test results are received.  

What is Backflow?

Water systems depend on water pressure to keep water flowing in the proper direction through pipes and hoses.  Backflow is water, and/or other substances, flowing in the opposite direction of the normal and intended course.  It is the process by which a cross-connection can introduce contaminants into the water in your home and into the public drinking water system.  

Two conditions can cause backflow to happen:

  • Back Pressure occurs when the pressure in a pipe or hose is greater than the pressure coming in.
  • Back Siphonage occurs when there is a negative pressure in one of the pipes or hoses drawing contaminants into the drinking water supply.
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Find Licensed Backflow Testers

Typical Residential Cross ConnsectionsWhat is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection is an actual or potential connection or piping arrangement between a drinking water system and another source that could introduce anything other than the potable water intended to normally supply the system.  Cross connections are commonly found between a potable system and an irrigation system, fire suppression systems, commercial kitchen activities, and garden hoses—just to name a few.  If your property has outside water sources connected to your potable water, you are required by the State of Idaho to have the proper backflow assembly in use and to have it tested annually. 

an illustration of a backflow devicePreventing Backflow

To protect your family and our community’s drinking water system, two kinds of backflow assemblies are required for all homes and/or commercial facilities that present any hazard to the City of Eagle’s water system. 

External assemblies—to protect the City’s water from cross connection with any contaminants on the customer’s premises.  If your existing device needs to be replaced, please contact the City of Eagle to confirm allowable devices.  The type of device is determined by the degree of hazard.

Internal assemblies—to protect the customer from potentially hazardous cross connections in their own system. 

Your Responsibilities as a Property Owner

As a property owner, you are responsible for protecting the water on your property.  This responsibility starts at the water meter and includes your entire property’s water system.  If you have any actual or potential cross connection to the City’s potable water system, you are required to have a backflow prevention device installed and tested annually.  All costs associated with the installation, operation, maintenance and annual testing of your backflow prevention device is your responsibility.  Termination of water services is an option of last resort for untested devices.  However properties not in compliance with State of Idaho regulations for successful annual testing shall have water service to their home discontinued until backflow prevention devices are brought into compliance.  The City of Eagle will make all reasonable efforts in helping each customer come into compliance with State and local regulations.

reduced pressure backflow deviceFinding a Certified Backflow Tester

Backflow testing must be completed by a State of Idaho certified backflow tester.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to confirm their tester is currently certified by the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses (DOPL) and that testing reports are submitted to the City in a timely manner.  Check your local listings for backflow testers in our area.

DOPL can be reached at 208-334-3233 to confirm your tester’s certification.  

Thank You!

The City of Eagle takes the protection of your drinking water supply very seriously.  We appreciate your continued support and partnership in working with us to assure the delivery of safe drinking water to your home. 

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