Parks, Pathways and Recreation

  1. The Parks and Recreation reception office is located at 660 E. Civic Lane in the Community Hall. Please use the south entrance (next to the post office) to visit Parks and Rec.

    Reservations open annually on February 1.

    • For public safety emergencies, call 911
    • For park after-hour concerns, call (208) 912-3018
    • For lost and found, call (208) 489-8763.

Core Purpose:

Foster Experiences That Inspire and Connect Our Community 

To our core, we believe that the City of Eagle Parks and Recreation Department has the unparalleled opportunity to bring fun, engaging, friendly, family-oriented classes, camps, events, and sports to the citizens of Eagle.  This opportunity allows our community members, new and old, to connect and build relationships with each other that bonds us as a strong place to live. 


To provide welcoming and engaging programs and activities that meet the wants, interests, and needs of the citizens in our community with a determination for continuous improvement. 


To inspire and connect people to our Community

Core Values:

The City of Eagle Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to the well-being of the citizens of Eagle. The below Core Values are our promise to Eagle.

Fee Schedule:

  1. Commitment
  2. Connection
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Innovation
  5. Integrity

City of Eagle Parks and Recreation staff is committed to fostering experiences that inspire and connect the community to our uniquely beautiful, friendly, and family-oriented community nestled in the Boise foothills. 

We Commit to The Community:

  • Be Well Organized
  • Communicate Exceptionally
  • Exceed the Community's Expectations 
  • Provide Community-Driven Events 
  • Activities, Programs, Sports from Pre-School to Active Older Adult
  • Have Highly Qualified, Well Organized, Prepared Staff 
  • Engaged Instructors and Volunteers 
  • Exceptional Service 
  • Clean and Safe Facilities 
  • Positive Community Image
  • Making Our Events, Activities, and Sports Remarkable

Staff Commits:

  • Bringing Positive Energy 
  • Being Courteous and Respectful
  • Exceed the Community's Expectations
  • Making Eye Contact, Smiling, Greeting, and Welcoming Body Language
  • Positive and Contagious Spirit
  • Being the First to Say Hi and Always Saying Thank You
  • Show Up Ready, Efficient, and Budget Conscience