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New Bike Trail ribbon-cutting ceremony & Trail Names Revealed

The new bike trail results from a community effort between the City of Eagle, the Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association, and 150 volunteer hours between last year and this year to create these trails. The new bike trail features seven jumps made of steel frames with cedar slats, and another bike trail offers four features. A private donator facilitated by SWIMBA donated $30,000 last year and this year to provide the funds for these trails. Volunteers voted for the final names are are listed below in bold letters:

  • Trail 1 : Bring Out Your Dead (BOYD) Expert Only, It contains wooden features such as a 8’ drop and wall ride.  (See video below)
  • Trail 2 :Organ Donor Intermediate to advanced. It is an easier option on the Expert Dirt Jump line. It is a flowy trail with small mandatory gaps. (See video below)
  • Trail 3 : Seven Sins Advanced Jump Line with 6’ wooden Jumps. Currently being built.

Ariel view of Bike Park Trails added 2023

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