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Help Name 3 New Bike Trails:

The CIty of Eagle Bike3 Park has 3 new bike trails that we want help naming. Post your suggestions by April 1, 2023, on our City of Eagle's Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, or Linked In City of Eagle accounts, or email: pio@cityofeagle.org.   The names will be voted on by Bike Park volunteers in April 2023. 

  • Trail 1 : Expert Only, It contains wooden features such as a 8’ drop and wall ride.  (See video below)
  • Trail 2 : Intermediate to advanced. It is an easier option on the Expert Dirt Jump line. It is a flowy trail with small mandatory gaps. (See video below)
  • Trail 3 : Advanced Jump Line with 6’ wooden Jumps. Currently being built.

Ariel view of Bike Park Trails added 2023

Diagram of wooden jumps being built at the Bike Park.

Trail 3 with Jumps

RC Events

Black RC car with dirt and the 2023 Track Schedule