New Business Activity in Eagle

Applications Submitted During the Current Fiscal Year 

The following is a list of non-residential projects that have been submitted to the City of Eagle during FY-2019-2020
(October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020) for approval.

The list contains new businesses coming to Eagle and existing businesses that are remodeling or expanding.
Elli Agency & Associates  2/13/2020 36 N. Echohawk Ln. Ste. 101 Tenant Improvement
Bella Biscotteria  2/7/2020 190 W. State St., #5 Tenant Improvement
Appleton Clinics 2/5/2020 2120 E. Riverside Drive Tenant Improvement
Caliber Collision Center  1/30/2020 1537 E. State St. Occupancy permit
The Eagle Landing Community Center  1/29/2020 175 E. Mission Drive Tenant Improvement for community center
The Eagle Landing Office Bldg. 1/29/2020 175 E. Mission Drive Office Bldg. Tenant Improvement
Kvell Fitness 1/15/2020 1540 E. Iron Eagle Drive, Ste. 120 Tenant Improvement
St. Luke's Regional Medical Center  1/14/2020 3101 E. State St. New heart health health clinic inside existing facility
Eagle Lakes Bldg. A  12/23/2019 1044 S. Ancona Ave. New 1,404 SF Commercial Bldg.
Eagle Lakes Bldg. B  12/23/2019 1060 S. Ancona Ave.  New 8,230 SF Core & Shell Bldg
Synergy Health & Wellness  12/18/2019 951 E. Plaza Dr. Occupancy permit
Treasure Valley Pelvic Health  12/10/2019 507 S. Fitness Pl. Occupancy permit
Zuzu's Petals, LLC  12/10/2019 6700 N. Linder Rd. Ste. 168 Occupancy permit
Styles 83616  12/9/2019 591 E. State St. Occupancy permit
Pacific Crest  11/18/2019 450 W. State St. Ste. 215 Tenant Improvement
Stillwater Development  11/7/2019 2300 & 2340 W. Copper Silo Multi-tenant retail/restaurant/office bldg. - In Design Review
Katie's Kids Preschool  11/6/2019 1167 E. Iron Eagle Dr. Occupancy permit for new daycare
KB's Eagle  10/29/2019 2794 S. Eagle Rd., Ste. 170 2,590 SF Tenant Improvement for KB's
Eagle Lakes Bldg. D 10/18/2019 2120 E Riverside Drive New 29,624 SF Core and Shell Bldg. 
Eagle Relief Care Chiropractic  10/15/2019 435 E Shore Drive, Ste. 130 Occupancy Permit Only
Stadium View Center  10/10/2019 10201 N. Horseshoe Bend Rd. Multi-tenant commercial bldgs. - Design Review
Bodyworks  10/1/2019 2826 S. Eagle Rdl, Ste. 120 1,848 SF Tenant Improvement for Bodyworks