Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (MYAC)


myac graphicsThe Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, or MYAC, is an advisory council to the Mayor and Council in the City of Eagle. This council aims to aims to empower youth to become active members in their community through education and public service. This group acts as a voice of local teens within city government.

6If you want to be actively involved with local government, make an impact on your community, and empower others to use their voices to stick up for what is right, then you should join MYAC. You can make a difference in our community, and we believe in you.

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  • You must live in Eagle, Idaho
  • You must be in High School
  • You must attend MYAC Meetings


Meetings are on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month all year round from 3:30-5:00 PM.


Most Recent Agenda

Archived Agendas


Chairperson (Co-Chairpersons): Presides over and conducts all meetings and determines what is on the agenda for MYAC.

Vice-Chairperson: Takes action as delegated by the chairperson of MYAC.

Treasurer: Responsible for all financial matters of MYAC.

Historian: Record keeper of all activities of  MYAC including photography!

Secretary: Prepare the minutes of each meeting of MYAC. 

School Representatives: Works with their schools to voice their opinion on all things MYAC.

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Apply to Join MYAC by clicking on the link here!