Industry Focus

While there’s no doubt that Eagle is home to a diverse economy, there are significant concentrations in a few key industries, thanks to primary drivers like an impressive supply of well-educated and innovative talent, the exceptional quality of life, and the strong collaborative and supportive environment between academia, government, and industry.

Eagle targets specific industries, activities and opportunities on which to focus our recruitment and retention efforts.  Matching location strengths to industry requirements and to industry demand patterns is critical in target industry identification, and an essential component of an effective economic development strategy. 

Eagle has identified several primary target industry sectors, but there the four (4) Industries that deserve special attention are Professional and Business Services, including IT & Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Food Accommodations.

Through our efforts as economic development professionals and the strong network of each industry, both locally and regionally, these sectors offer a distinct competitive advantage over other communities.


Fast Facts:
  • #1 Best Place to Live in Idaho
  • #1 Best Suburb to Raise a Family in Idaho
  • Richest Place in Idaho
  • Best City in Idaho for Millennials to Relocate
  • Most Successful City in Idaho