Design Review Guidelines & Processes

Below is a brief overview of the Design Review process in the City of Eagle.

Design review is required per Eagle City Code for all commercial, industrial, institutional, office, multi-family and single-family attached residential projects, signs, common areas, subdivision signage, proposed conversions, proposed changes in land use and/or building use, exterior remodeling or repainting with a color different than what is existing, exterior restoration, and enlargement or expansion of existing buildings, signs or sites within the City of Eagle City Limits.

Design review is also required for an individual single-family dwelling located within the Central Business District (CBD).

All projects requiring design review must comply with the Eagle Architectural and Site Design Book (EASD) and Eagle City Code Article A.  The purpose of the EASD Book is to show, through the use of pictures and text, specific period architectural styles, themes, and elements envisioned through the requirements of this article. The EASD Book, established through a resolution of the City Council and as may be amended through future resolution(s), contains all exhibits referenced in this article and is incorporated herein by reference. However, Exhibit A-1 may only be modified through an ordinance amendment. The architecture styles found in the EASD Book are permitted styles. Architectural styles not shown within the EASD Book will not be considered. A copy of the EASD Book is available at Eagle City Hall. 

Projects located within one of the four (4) specifically defined Downtown Development Area (DDA), Transitional Entry Development Area (TDA), Community Entry Development Area (CEDA), or the Dunyon/State Development Area (DSDA) must comply with the specific design requirements for the development area.  The DDA, TDA, CEDA and DSDA are delineated on the map (Exhibit A-1) included as part of EASD Book.

There are three (3) types of Design Review applications:  General design review (board level), board level design review for signs, and staff level design review for signs. 

Design Review - General
All projects, with the exception of signs, will utilize the general design review application. All design review applications shall be reviewed and shall be acted on by the Zoning Administrator, except for those listed in Eagle City Code 8-2A-9, subsection B.

Design Review-Sign Board Level
All new signs require board level approval. Signs that are being reviewed under a Master Sign Plan will be reviewed at a Board Level. 

Concurrent Sign And Building Applications: All sign applications (including master sign plans) are required to be submitted for review at the time the respective building design review application is made. This is not intended to apply to sign applications made for the advertisement of businesses in existing buildings where no changes are proposed to the building at the time of the application.

Design Review - Sign Staff Level
Minor alterations or modifications to signs may be approved at a staff level depending on the type and complexity of the sign and the proposed changes.  


Design Review Timelines updated 2-22-22

Staff Level
The Planning and Zoning staff will review the application.  In approximately 3-4 weeks (this time includes the 10-day appeal process), the applicant will receive a conditional approval or receive a denial.

Board Level
Approximately thirty-five (35) days after submittal there will be a Design Review Board meeting where the application will be reviewed, and the Board will make recommendations or continue the item.  Two (2) weeks after the application has been acted on by the Board, there will be a second Design Review meeting where the Findings will be approved or denied. If the Findings are approved, the application will go to the next City Council meeting where City Council will make a final decision.  If approved, the applicant must comply with the conditions that the City Council approves.  If denied, the process does not move forward.