Finance and Insurance Services

Money makes sense in Eagle, where finance and insurance companies have a successful history of growth.  As a hub for professional, scientific and technical services, Eagle is home too many finance, auto, travel, and health insurance companies.  

Eagle has seen a 5-Year average annual growth rate (2015-2020) of 8.5% within the Finance and Insurance Industry, with a 1-Year projected annual growth rate of 1.7%.

Situated less than 10 miles west of the City of Boise, Eagle's growth has yielded a diverse and talented labor force, with almost half our residents having earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. This high caliber workforce has been attracted by our unmatched superior quality of life and proximity to the region’s business, educational and cultural amenities.

Benefits for finance and insurance service companies in Eagle include:

  • The median household income in Eagle is $92,807 with the mean income being $131,440.
  • Eagle has seen a 19% growth rate in the number of jobs within the professional & business services and financial activities super sectors, within Eagle from 2019 to 2020
  • Eagle is served by top-rated school districts for K-12 education, along with a dozen degree granting institutions in the region for higher-education, providing our community with a strong foundation from which to recruit talent
  • Eagle's location within the Boise MSA provides local employers access to over 350,000 dynamic workers as commuters come from across the region to work here.  *Net migration measures the migration both into and out-of the Boise Metro. In 2019, the Boise Metro had the fastest rate of net migration of any U.S. Metro* outside of Florida. 93% of the migration, on net, is arriving from outside of Idaho. Of these out-of-state movers, over 60%, on net, is made up of people under 50 years old, and 1 in 3 new residents, on net, is between 20 and 49 years old.
  • The State of Idaho has low personal and corporate income tax and no inventory tax
  • Services including telecommunications, and utilities (water, electricity and natural gas) are not taxed
  • The cost of living in the Boise MSA is below the national average and offers a wide variety of housing options.  

Strategic Location:

  • Eagle has access to four (4) major transportation corridors offering excellent access to the region (State Highway 55, State Highway 44, State Highway 16 and US 20/26)
  • Eagle's location at the intersection of State Highway 44 and State Highway 55 (Eagle Road) offers direct connection to Interstate-84 and with future plans to extend State Highway 16 to and through to Interstate-84, Eagle's transportation network just got even better
  • A short-drive to the Boise Airport (BOI) and non-stop flights to over twenty-eight (28) major destinations with connecting flights to thousands of cities worldwide,  business travel is convenient and nearly effortless


  • Eagle offers incentives to companies creating primary jobs in the community
  • The City of Eagle's Economic Development staff works as a company's business liaison, facilitating the navigation of the development processes and advocating for the business
  • COE staff is ready to work with you to identify the incentives available and coordinate with state and county officials to apply for applicable incentive programs
  • The City offers a large revitalization area which allows for tax increment financing for infrastructure improvements for new commercial projects
  • Qualifying companies could potentially receive property tax abatement of up to 50% for 5 years on competitive economic development projects
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