Entertainment & Leisure

The Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation sector includes a wide range of establishments that operate facilities or provide services to meet varied cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests of their patrons. This sector comprises (1) establishments that are involved in producing, promoting, or participating in live performances, events, or exhibits intended for public viewing; (2) establishments that preserve and exhibit objects and sites of historical, cultural, or educational interest; and (3) establishments that operate facilities or provide services that enable patrons to participate in recreational activities or pursue amusement, hobby, and leisure-time interests.

Eagle has many assets that provide for outdoor entertainment, recreation and leisure such as Eagle Island State Park, the Boise River, Ada/Eagle Sports Complex, the Eagle Foothills, wineries and tasting rooms, golf courses, and many public parks, pathways and trails.  Eagle desires to enhance their existing assets through the attraction of businesses that will provide for indoor entertainment, recreation, and nightlife.

Why Entertainment & Leisure in Eagle?

  • Eagle has an existing cluster of Arts, Entertainment and Recreation industries with a 5-Year Average Annual Growth Rate of 6.1% and a projected growth rate moving forward of 2.1% annually.
  • Eagle has a climate with four (4) seasons making it a perfect choice for a varying amount of entertainment and recreational opportunities.
  • Eagle's has the highest median and average income in the region, providing a higher disposable income to be spent on entertainment and recreation.
  • Eagle is a very active and health conscious community.
  • The region is filled with entertainment, arts, recreation, and leisure type industries, providing for a larger cluster in which to support future businesses.

The sectors Eagle is primarily targeting are:

  • Bowling Centers
  • Breweries
  • Wine Bars & Tasting Rooms
  • Dinner Theaters
  • Musical Groups & Artists Venues
  • Performing Arts Companies
  • Amusement Arcades
  • Museums
  • Dance Companies
  • And Other Amusement & Recreational Industries
Luxe Reel Theatre
Golf Your Way2
Studio C Academy of Dance2
3 Horse Ranch Vineyards2
VR1 Arcade2
Dude Dewalt Cellars2
Eagle Performing Arts Center
Eagle Museum2
Elevated Dance Project