Planned Developments

Planned Developments are large-scale development, 1,000+ acres in size, that apply for annexation and rezone with a development agreement that intend to use the development agreement to guide and ensure compliance with the City’s Foothills Subarea of the Eagle is HOME Plan. These developments often use the development agreement to establish a process to create new and or unique zoning and subdivision code standards for the development.  Currently, the City has only one approved planned development, but if additional applications are received, they will be posted here:

Spring Valley (Formerly M3/Spring Valley)

The Spring Valley Planned Development is a 6,005-acre, up to 7,160 dwelling unit development located north of the City within the Eagle Foothills, generally between SH-16 and Willow Creek Road (AKA Eagle Road).  This planned community is controlled by the 2014 Amended and Restated Development Agreement and by Eagle City Code 11A: Spring Valley. A copy of the approved Spring Valley document is available below.