Eagle Regional Sports Complex Park

The Eagle Regional Sports Park will be located off Highway 16, at Equest Lane. The total area will be approximately 139.11 acres, with 80 acres consisting of the sports/ballfield complex.   Building parks on the outer city limits reduces transportation in the residential areas of Eagle.

The Regional Sports Park is designed as a multi-use park for sports and recreation. In the concept design, it is proposed to provide baseball fields, green open space for soccer, football, rugby, pickleball courts, tennis courts, bleachers, concession stands, a playground, and a tournament house for people to check in pre-tournament and celebrate post-ceremony events. This park will also provide trailhead access to the 2200 BLM acres east of the site. See project updates, history, concept designs, and information below.

Eagle Regional Sports Park Rendering with baseball fields, grass fields, tennis and pickleball.

Two girls playing softball.


October 6, 2023, Groundbreaking Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Eagle Regional Sports Complex consists of 15 acres that will host four baseball/softball fields, including road access off State Highway 16. At final build-out, the 98-acre Eagle Regional Sports Park will include eight baseball/softball fields, five grass flex fields (soccer, la crosse, football), tennis and pickleball courts, picnic facilities, play equipment, trails, and a multi-user trailhead for bikes, equestrian, and hiking, providing access into the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Eagle Regional Park Rendering showing 8 baseball fields.

May 3, 2023

The City of Eagle conducted a neighborhood meeting on May 3, 2023, at 6:00 pm at City Hall to allow the public the opportunity to learn about the forthcoming Planning Unit Master Plan (PUMP) application associated with the proposed City of Eagle Regional Sports Park.


December 20, 2022

The City purchased 84 acres of land from GWC off State Highway 16, and Equest Lane (adjacent to the 10 acres previously purchased) to develop a 94-acre Eagle Regional Sports Complex.  The City structured a purchase and park impact fee reimbursement agreement with GWC that includes a $2.5M cash payment and a park impact fee reimbursement agreement for up to $7.87M to be paid by builders with the Valnova development.  The reimbursement agreement does not utilize general funds or taxpayer dollars.  

The 94-acre future Eagle Regional Sports Complex has been in preliminary feasibility and engineering studies for the past two years.  The preliminary park study includes eight baseball fields, five grass flex fields (soccer, lacrosse, football), basketball, tennis, and pickleball courts.  The site is also planned to include playground, picnic, and tournament facilities.  One of the goals of the regional park is to provide a permanent home for little league fields that were lost with the development of Duck Alley.   

September 2022 

On September 27, 2022, the City Council was provided an overview of the progress of the preliminary engineering design for the proposed park.  The 30% design includes the following changes from the 2021 Park Concept:

Removal of the Recreation Center 

  • Floodway channelization & Storage
    • Utilization of road as levy
    • Storage at SH-16 culvert
  • Opportunity to relocate interior to SV

Expanded Parking & Entry Alignment

    • Move sports courts into terraced area 
    • Additional field 

Retention of structure

    • Tournament house 
    • Admin offices & parking 

Natural Surface Trail 

  • Changes can be done if City and FU canal come to an agreement about canal easements

Trailhead Expansion Parcel 

  • with direct connection Offer of an expanded Trailhead to SV & BLM systems

Project Status: 

  • 30% Engineering Complete
  • Utilities discussions
    • Idaho Power
    • Eagle Sewer District 
  • Transportation Study 
    • ITD access at SH-16
    • Connectivity to Aerie Way

The full presentation is available here: Eagle Sports Complex Slide Presentation

 The video of the September 27th City Council meeting is available here: https://eagle-id.granicus.com/player/clip/1616?view_id=1&redirect=true&h=696c77a415db2dbf4988af43d844f4b1


The City of Eagle is looking for residents' feedback on a proposed Regional Sports Park. The city's goal is to develop a 3-season park focused on team sports and associated amenities for baseball, softball, football, soccer, and lacrosse. Potential plans also include an indoor sports facility with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, artificial turf practice facility, multi-purpose sports courts, lockers, and restroom facilities. The park would be located on Highway 16 at Equest Lane

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, the City of Eagle held an open house to answer questions and gather feedback. 

sports park concept