Dog License Application and Renewal

Apply Online: 

The online process is available for both new dog licenses and the renewal of licenses. If you own multiple dogs, you will be required to complete a separate form for each dog.  For your convenience,  payments for multiple dog licenses may be combined into one transaction once directed to the payment page. 

Please be patient, the form may take a few moments to load.

City of Eagle Dog License Application and Renewal

Before You Begin:

A copy of your dog’s valid rabies certificate (issued by a licensed veterinarian) will be required.  Please have an electronic copy of the certificate ready to upload to the application.  Take a picture of (or scan) the certificate and save it to your device (phone, computer, etc.) in a location you will remember.  You will then be able to navigate to it and select it for upload when you come to that section of the electronic application.

Paying for your Dog License:

You may pay online, in person at Eagle City Hall, or by mailing a check to Eagle City Hall. If you select an online payment you will be redirected to the online payments page after you complete the form. Note: The City of Eagle utilizes a revenue-neutral online payment service (3% + $1 for processing will be added to each online transaction). For your convenience,  payments for multiple dog licenses may be combined into one transaction.

An email will be sent from the Clerk’s Office letting you know that your application has been received by the city.

Once approved you will receive a notification via email, and a tag will be mailed to the address provided on your application.  

Contact the Eagle City Clerk’s office at 208-939-6813 with any questions.

Dog License Requirements and Costs:

Eagle City Code (Title 4, Chapter 5, Section 4-5-6) requires that all dogs living within the city limits be licensed.  Once an application for a license has been processed and fees paid, a metal license tag will be issued.   The issued tag should be attached securely to a substantial, durable collar and be worn by the licensed dog at all times.  The licensing period is valid through December 31 of each calendar year. Application for a Dog License may be made online via our electronic form.  

Licensing Fee Schedule (per Ord.369, 5030-2000)

Non-Neutered  or Non-Spayed Dogs$25.00
Spayed or Neutered Dogs$10.00
Spayed or Neutered Dogs - Senior Citizen Price (Owner is 60 years or older)$5.00
Late Fee - After February 1$5.00