Special Events - Park

Each year the City of Eagle receives requests from individuals and groups to conduct special events on property owned or controlled by the City of Eagle. The City of Eagle is a growing community with growing community events. Individuals or groups proposing new events will be required to schedule a consulting meeting with the Parks and Recreation Director. The consultation requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department. To set up a briefing meeting, you may reach the Parks and Recreation Administrative Assistant at 208-489-8763 or email Parks and Recreation.

Definition of an Event

The City of Eagle recognizes community events as an important part of Eagle’s quality of life. They enhance tourism, provide an economic benefit to businesses, promote cultural diversity and provide affordable entertainment. A community event is defined as any organized activity involving the use of, or having impact upon public property, sidewalks, parks or streets in a manner that varies from its current land use or requires a permit.


Community Events Applications must be received by the Eagle’s Parks and Recreation Department a minimum of 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the event and may be submitted as early as 12 months before the event.

The City of Eagle Parks and Recreation Department is committed to working with event organizers to help them produce a successful and safe event which has minimal impact on the environment, surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. We believe this is achieved through responsible leadership, careful planning, good organization and teamwork. The application is designed to help community event organizers effectively navigate the planning and execution of their event.

If you are returning the PDF form electronically, please email it to the Parks Department. If you wish to turn in a hard copy, please return it to the City of Eagle Parks and Recreation Department at 660 Civic Lane, Eagle, ID 83616.

Application Requirements Checklist

  1. Contact Eagle’s Parks and Recreation to schedule park use event date and schedule meeting with Parks and Recreation Director. *meeting for recurring events may be waived.
  2. Complete application from Park and Recreation Department (due 30 days prior to event date)
  3. All permits submitted to The City of Eagle, ACHD, and ITD
  4. Amplified Sound Application (30 days prior to event date)
  5. Noise Waiver for after 10 p.m. events (30 days prior to event date)
  6. Alcohol Application-Open Container Permit, Catering Permit (if applicable) (30 days prior to event date)
  7. Proof of Insurance Certificate (10 days prior to event date)
  8. Submit Security, Parking, Shuttle, Traffic and Emergency Plans with application

Contact List

View the Event Contact list (PDF) for information about departments and entities you may need to contact while planning your event.