Energy Bag (Orange Bag) Program

What is the Energy Bag Program?

This program is accessible to Eagle residents thanks to the City of Boise. The program is a solution to handle hard to recycle plastics like candy wrappers, toothpaste tubes, and packing peanuts. The plastics collected in the Energy Bags are used for fuel.

On your regularly scheduled recycling day, the orange bag can be securely tied and placed in the blue bin. The bags will be transported, sorted from the rest of the recycled materials, and sent to a fuel conversion center.

Hefty Energy Bags are available for purchase from local grocery and big-box stores.

How do I sort my recyclables?

Please reference the below guides provided by the City of Boise. It is recommended you print them out and keep them near where you sort your recyclables. Below each image is a link to download the guide. 

Recycling reference guide

Click here to download the Recycling Home Reference Guide.

Managing plastics guide

Click here to download the Plastics Guide.

Why can’t I recycle these plastics in the blue bin?

Some plastic packaging can be hard to recycle because of the type and complexity of the material, the shape and flexibility, and because of the challenges that they create for the sorting equipment at the recycling facility. Many forms of packaging are made of multiple layers that each serve a different purpose. Because these layers can’t be separated, they can’t be recycled in their existing form. Things like flexible packaging and small items that are made of non-recyclable plastics can end up clogging or falling through the sorting equipment or end up in the wrong recycling stream. This contaminates good recyclable material which can devalue those resources or cause them to be unusable and end up in the landfill. The Energy Bag program provides an alternative, enabling these hard to recycle materials to be used in other ways and avoids sending them to the landfill.

For more program details visit CurbIt Boise.