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Why Choose Eagle?

Eagle is a premier community located within the Boise Metropolitan area.  Eagle’s country feel, modern urban amenities, and exquisite surroundings of the foothills and the scenic Boise River affords residents, businesses and visitors endless ways to work and play.  

Eagle’s highly educated workforce attracts industries as diverse as corporate headquarters, financial services, professional services, health care, recreational technology, retail, and light manufacturing.  Eagle offers a strong economy that is continually recognized for their vibrant business environment and superb quality of life. 

We offer career opportunities, low cost of living, beautiful well-designed neighborhoods, excellent schools, abundant recreational choices, attractive retail and commercial developments, and a community where people feel safe, respected and comfortable in being themselves.  

We truly believe that recognizing the creativity and innovation that comes from bringing different cultural perspectives together, cultivating the uniqueness, and utilizing their skills, contributes to a healthy, welcoming and inclusive community where its citizens share a sense of belonging with each other.  

Eagle truly speaks for itself....

Just because you've never heard of Eagle, Idaho doesn't mean it's not worth exploring.  We are the best kept secret in the Boise Metro.