Incentives & Taxes

Along with the low cost of doing business, the unsurpassed quality of life, and the welcoming environment in Eagle, Idaho, our companies benefit from a variety of tax incentives, property tax exemptions, workforce training grants, and other programs.

Idaho's incentives are designed to enhance the overall bottom line and make doing business in Idaho the perfect choice. Companies may also qualify for consideration of local incentives based on meeting certain criteria.

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Businesses in Idaho know they can count on a stable tax environment.  Below is an overview of our state taxes.   If you'd like more in-depth information about our tax structure, please contact Robin Collins at (208) 489-8755.

Property Tax (average 1.5%)

Ada County Average:  1.53%

Canyon County Average:  1.29 - 2.09%

Elmore County Average:  1.94%

Sales and Use Tax - 6%

We DO NOT tax services including telecommunication services and utilities, such as; water, gas, electricity, or natural gas.

Local Option Sales Tax

In our region, we DO NOT have a local option sales tax.

Corporate Income Tax - 6.925%

Personal Income Tax - 6.925% (top bracket)

Inventory Tax - NONE