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Idaho Power

Eagle's electric utility is provided by Idaho Power Company. With 17 hydroelectric power plants, Idaho Power is one of the nation's few investor-owned utilities with a significant generating base. When it comes to electric energy, the company:

  • Distributes 
  • Generates
  • Purchases
  • Sells
  • Transmits

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Since 1916, Idaho Power has been a trusted ally to business and residential customers. They offer reduced costs, renewable energy, energy efficiency incentives and personal service. 


For the past seven years, they have powered businesses for 40% less than the national average, and they consistently score high in system reliability and system performance. For further information on their rates and regulatory, visit the Rates and Regulatory page on the Idaho Power website.


For questions or more information about Idaho Power business services email Paris Dickerson, or call at 208-388-2022.

For information about residential utilities, please click here.