The City strives to provide a high level of transparency (PDF) to public records. While almost all records are available to the public, the City's goal is to make them easily accessible. If you cannot find the records you desire by utilizing the Laserfiche Weblink, please complete a public record request and staff will do their best to assist you.

Public Records

Records available via the Laserfiche Weblink are:

  • Agendas:
    • Agendas for City Boards, Council, Committees and Commissions
  • Agreements/Contracts:
    • Current and past agreements and contracts
  • Approved Ordinances/Resolutions/Proclamations:
    • Approved ordinances, resolutions and proclamations
  • Building Permits:
    • Building permit
    • Certificates of occupancy
    • inspection reports

  • Elections:
    • Results
    • Campaign finance reports
  • Financial Information:
    • Budgets
    • Check registers
    • Deposit registers
    • Financial statements
    • Quarterly reports
  • Floodplain Information:
    • Elevation certificates
    • CLOMR – Conditional Letter of Map Revision
    • LOMA – Letter of Map Amendment
    • LOMR - Letter of Map Revision
    • LOMR-F – Letter of Map Revision with Fill
    • EC – Elevation Certificate
  • Minutes:
    • Minutes for City Boards, Council, Committees and Commissions (note: minutes will be placed on the website upon approval by the acting body. Should you desire an audio cd of the meeting you may request one)
  • Spring Valley Community Infrastructure District

Watch City Meetings

Records now available via the Watch City Meetings page are:

  • Draft ordinances, resolutions and proclamations
  • Staff Reports:
    • Staff reports for items currently being considered


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