Summary of Your City of Eagle Water Services

Monthly Billing

The City of Eagle bills for water services monthly. Water meters are read between the 21st and 25th of each month, bills are processed and then mailed on the last business day of the month. E-billing options are available. Payment for services is due in the office on or before the 14th of each month prior to the close of business. One week after bills are due, delinquent fees are assessed to unpaid customer accounts.

Payment Options

There are several ways to pay your water bill.

  • Enclose payment in the envelope provided with your bill and return to City Hall via mail or the drop box (no cash in the drop box please) located in the parking lot;
  • In our office at 660 E Civic Lane;
  • Automatic payment from your checking or savings account (there is no additional fee for this service);
  • Any major credit or debit card may be used on the City’s website, thru the E-billing option or in the office. Card processing fees will apply.

For complete details, visit the “Utility Billing and Payment Options" page.

Termination of Services

Termination With Prior Notice

With proper customer notification, City of Eagle Water may deny or terminate water service for any one of the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of a past-due billing, payment of a past-due billing with any check not honored by the bank, or insufficient funds on any electronic payment;
  • Failure to abide by the terms of a payment arrangement;
  • Obtaining service by misrepresentation of identity;
  • Denying or willfully preventing access to the water meter;
  • Willfully wasting water through improper equipment or otherwise;
  • Untested backflow prevention devices;
  • Failure to apply for service.

Payment arrangements may be requested prior to turn off day. Arrangements will not be considered after services have been disconnected.

Termination Without Prior Notice

City of Eagle Water may deny or terminate water service without prior notice for any one of the following reasons:

  • A situation exists that is immediately dangerous to life, physical safety, or property;
  • To prevent a violation of federal, state, or local safety or health codes;
  • Service is obtained, diverted, or used without the authorization of the City;
  • The Water Department has diligently attempted to notify the customer of termination and has been unable to make contact;
  • If ordered by any court or any other duly authorized public authority.


Each month customer bills are noted with the date of disconnection for delinquent services. A billing is considered past due one (1) day after the due date and as such may be subject to disconnection of service on the designated date. At least twenty-four (24) hours prior to termination of City services a reminder note will be delivered to the residence. If service is terminated, payment in full, including the shut off fee, is required prior to having services restored. The account may also be subject to a new deposit. Services disconnected for non-payment will be restored only during regular business hours following receipt of payment in full. Water operators are not able to accept payment in the field.

The Water Department makes every effort to avoid disconnection of services for any reason on Fridays, weekends, legal holidays recognized by the State of Idaho, or on any day immediately preceding any legal holiday. Emergency situations may dictate otherwise.

Deposits and Deposit Refunds

Each new customer will be billed a service deposit on their first billing statement. Deposits are recorded on customer accounts and will be returned in one of two ways: Refund by check after 12 consecutive payments are received in the office on or before the due date prior to close of business; OR a refund of any remaining balance after the deposit is applied to a final billing. Deposits are recorded on customer accounts and are never forfeited to the City.

Utility billing rates and fees

 Monthly Utility bills consist of four basic areas

  • Consumption Charges
  • Base Fee
  • DEQ Safe Drinking Water Fee

Consumption charges are based on the amount of water used. Meters are read monthly, weather depending, and the established rate is charged per 100 cubic feet.

Base Fee is a flat rate determined by the size of the meter serving the property.

DEQ Safe Drinking Water Fee is a flat fee collected by the City and paid to DEQ to assist in the protection of drinking water.

DEQ Loan Repayment Fee is a flat fee collected for the repayment of a capital improvement loan from DEQ to the City of Eagle. Several improvements were made to the system and this fee is based on the size of the meter serving the property.

 Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Service Deposit-charged on all new accounts or as needed on delinquent accounts;
  • Set-up Fee-charged on all new accounts being transferred or initially set up;
  • Delinquent Fee-charged on past due accounts;
  • Shut Off Fee-charged on services disconnected for non-payment;
  • Returned Check Fee-charged on returned checks and ACH items.

For a complete list of fees and/or rates, please review the most recent City of Eagle Fee Schedule at

All rates and fees are subject to review and modification by the City Council. Reviews are conducted annually or as needed.

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