Art Galleries

The Eagle Arts Commission maintains two elegant display spaces located at EagleGallery Space City Hall and St. Luke's in Eagle. The Eagle Arts Commission schedules individuals and group exhibits to showcase their work on a monthly bases. 

The gallery spaces are free and open to the public any time during regular business hours. Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, excluding major holidays.

Artists interested in learning more about the exhibit opportunities can contact the Eagle Arts Commission at

July Galleries

St. Luke's Gallery: Brecken Bird

My name is Brecken Bird, I am an artist currently based in Boise, Idaho. I graduated in May 2016 from Utah State University with a Bachelor's of Fine Art with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting. Being the oldest of five girls I am inspired by women and their unique perspectives along with fairy tales, myths, legends, religion, health, and relationships. My work focuses on iconography and symbolism and how they can be manipulated to tell stories. Created with linear markings made with graphite pencil on paper, my work deals with the human figure (primarily the female figure), and all manner of flora and fauna. Through the use of these allegorical figures and symbols, I explore female perspectives in religion, health (mental/physical), and relationships.  Website: 

Brecken Bird Donkey Artwork   

Eagle City Hall Display Case: Armand Chichmanian

Armand Chichmanian was Born in Alexandria Egypt. He is a descendant of a Greek Cypriot mother and Armenian Father. His father was also an artist who loved to paint and his mother was an haute couturier, so creativity runs in his family. Armand and his family immigrated to Canada in 1957 right after the Suez Canal crisis.  He lived in Canada for ten years before moving to the United States. Armand moved to the United States with an Engineering consulting firm as a piping designer to work in the petrochemical/refinery industry. In January of 2001, Armand retired and moved to Florence, Oregon where he pursued his love of the arts and do stained glass and beach scene creations. Armand is now living in  Eagle, Idaho since 2012 where he continues to design and sell his beach scenes. Armand has set up his studio at his home and takes special orders. He can be contacted at 541-999-0630

Glass pentagons hold beach sand and shells. Artwork by Armand Chichmanian

Eagle City Hall Gallery: Eagle is HOME postcard photo contest entries

The gallery features photos submitted for the Eagle Arts Commission's "Eagle is HOME" postcard contest. Four photos were chosen for the postcard. 

Photographs of Eagle displayed at City Hall