Art Galleries

The Eagle Arts Commission maintains two elegant display spaces located at EagleGallery Space City Hall and St. Luke's in Eagle. The Eagle Arts Commission schedules individuals and group exhibits to showcase their work on a monthly bases. 

The gallery spaces are free and open to the public any time during regular business hours. Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, excluding major holidays.

Artists interested in learning more about the exhibit opportunities can contact the Eagle Arts Commission at

March Artists of the Month

The Gallery at Eagle City Hall - JACOB DOUGHTY

Just your average, humble, and extremely talented freelance artist who loves to show his work to the world. I’ve been Whale image by Jacobpassionate about art since I was a wee lad with a box of crayons, and a pad of paper. After graduating from Utah Valley University, I have been actively involved in designing in many fields of digital media. All of which has given me experience in various positions such as; graphic designer, illustrator, animator (2D/3D), 3D modeler, 3D rigger etc.

So far, my experience has had such an positive impact on me, that creating, designing, and animating is where I aim to place all my effort. I enjoy the new challenges each title and project brings.

The Gallery at St. Luke's Eagle - MISSY CORY

artist renditionI'm intrigued by the intersections of art, science and spirit. Where biology meets the alchemy of human experience. How we perceive and integrate our surroundings is neurological, individual and spiritual. I am exploring the transformative effect of specific moments and locations, particularly the aspects of perception, memory and emotions. Our moments are both temporal and ethereal, and we are the intermediary. We imprint them, and they in turn, shape us.

I am drawn to patterns and processes in the body and my surroundings that reflect and affect each other. The microcosm and macrocosm of universal order and elements around and within us, from celestial to terrestrial, we are a reflection. We are, indeed, stardust.

The images included are my most recent work, a new series entitled Stone Threads. These are encaustic and mixed media paintings on cradled birch panels, created in January 2018. These were spurred by my printmaking residency this summer at KKV Grafik in Malmo, Sweden. For this project I traveled to geologically significant locations in Idaho, Iceland and Sweden with my camera, microscope and drawing supplies. My intent was to explore microcosm and macrocosm through the common thread of stone. Fine threads of our transient internal experiences are woven through larger threads of geology, forming our long story.

I approach specific locations from both a scientific and experiential method. For this project I collected samples of stone, lichen, moss, flowers and water from geothermal sites to place under my microscope. Site specific photography and prints of stone surfaces were also gathered. These were integrated with encaustic painting, collage, drawing and printmaking methods such as monoprint and drypoint on gampi silk tissue. Materials vary per piece and include ink, watercolor, graphite, neopastel and gold leaf. The imagery used connects and contrasts this specific observation of time and place with natural patterns, biological structures and functions, DNA and aerial mapping, cosmos, and topography.

I am submitting these images as an example of my work. I am very grateful for the opportunity to display these at St. Luke’s and Eagle City Hall in February and March 2018. I have enjoyed working with the Eagle Arts Commission and would appreciate the opportunity to continue! If selected, I would create new work for these gallery spaces. My intention is to continue exploring the concept of microcosm and macrocosm and human experience of time and place.

April Artists of the Month

The Gallery at Eagle City Hall - Emma Taylor 

Emma Taylor Lookout point. 8X10 oil on paneljpgBiography:

I was raised in Pleasant Grove, UT in a large and rambunctious family.  I have always loved creating. My family was very musical and artistic.  I attended Brigham Young University and primarily worked in the printmaking medium. I was greatly influenced by a study abroad to Florence, Italy.  For many years I struggled with lack of self esteem in the arts.  Three years ago I became chronically sick and have now decided to not worry as much and just paint. I enjoy taking care of my children and painting every chance I get.   I reside in the beautiful Eagle, Idaho with my husband, five children, with a child on the way. 

Artist Statement:

I believe that despite our differences as people, there are common narratives and themes that we share.  Through my art I strive to capture human interaction, emotion, and social connections.  My painting compositions are simple in nature, with bright, bold colors and patterns.   I get inspiration from everyday life, the innocence of youth, and predominantly my life as a mom and wife.  My family and friends are often the models for my paintings.

The Gallery at St. Luke's Eagle - Melissa Maxey

Perseus, Melissa MaxeyBiography:

Melissa Maxey grew up in Eagle Idaho and is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Illustration at Boise State University. She is Curatorial Assistant with SUB Fine Arts and Trueblood Galleries on campus. The art mediums she is working with are painting, digital designs, illustration, printmaking, photography and ceramics. Her current work is located at

Artist Statement:

This painting is named after Perseus, a constellation in the night sky. He was a Greek hero who overcame many challenges. Alpha Persei is a star located in this constellation, and is a white and yellow supergiant millions of miles away. This painting is part one in a series about how light and color affect how we feel. How art can bring us joy and make us question how we see the universe.