Trails Master Plan

The Eagle Pathways and Trails Plan defines a bold vision and implementation strategy that addresses many key community issues including recreation, transportation, quality of life, economic vitality, and community health. 

This plan seeks to create an environmentally sensitive, perpetually dedicated public, non-motorized trail system and a local and regional pathways system that provides safe mobility options and enhances citizens’ lives.

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Master Plan Appendix: Health Impact Assessment

Purpose of this Plan

This plan identifies a vision for recreation and transportation throughout the City of Eagle’s pathway and trail system. Based on existing conditions and public needs, the plan makes infrastructure and operational recommendations that will improve, expand, and connect trails and pathways. 

Guide to the Plan

The Eagle Pathways and Trails Plan is divided into three primary chapters:

1. Chapter 1- Introduction and Existing Conditions:

This chapter gives an overview of Eagle’s existing pathway and trail system and summarizes public input and needs.

2. Chapter 2- Recommendations:

This chapter provides infrastructure and operational recommendations to create a world-class pathway and trail system for the City of Eagle.

3. Chapter 3- Implementation: 

Chapter 3 prioritizes the recommendations from Chapter 2 and outlines the needed funding and operational improvements to realize the vision for the Eagle Pathways and Trails Plan.