What is the difference between the comprehensive plan and zoning?

A comprehensive plan under Idaho Code (§67-6508) is a guide looking toward the future of the City.  The plan shall include all land within the jurisdiction of the governing board. The plan shall consider previous and existing conditions, trends, compatibility of land uses, desirable goals and objectives, or desirable future situations for each planning component. Eagle’s Comprehensive Plan can be found by clicking here. 

Zoning is standards under Idaho Code (§67-6511) that regulates and restricts the height, number of stories, size, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair or use of buildings and structures; percentage of lot occupancy, size of courts, yards, and open spaces; density of population; and the location and use of buildings and structures. All standards shall be uniform for each class or kind of buildings throughout each district, but the standards in one (1) district may differ from those in another district.

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