How does the sponsorship or donation work?

There are two (2) sponsorship programs available:

  1. Downtown Beautification General Sponsorship Program - A program that uses funds to help pay for the purchase, installation, and maintenance costs of; hanging flower baskets, flower pots, banners, trash receptacles, benches, bike racks, seating tables, game tables, holiday decorations, and various other arts and cultural items.
  2. Downtown Light Pole Sponsorship Program - A program that helps fund the cost of decorating and/or, maintenance of light poles in front of your business or someone else's business in the downtown, where the poles ARE NOT owned by the City.  These services would be provided by the City of Eagle during your sponsorship period.  Each sponsorship is valid for 1-year and must be renewed annually to continue these services past the sponsorship period.

A sponsor may choose to participate in one or both of the programs listed above. 

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