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Special Events Music Application

  1. The City of Eagle Parks and Recreation is accepting music applications for the 2022 Special Event season! This application will be open until all events are filled. Any applications received after all events are filled will be added to our wait list, and may be invited to perform if a show becomes available during the year. This application is only for the scheduled performances during special events. If you are interested in performing at the Eagle Saturday Market, please visit The first review of applications will begin in February 2022.

  2. We promote the music at the special events on the City website and various social media platforms. Please describe your act for promotional opportunities (max 200 characters).
  3. Available Dates

    Gazebo Concert Series: Performance time is from 6:30 - 9 pm with one scheduled break at 7:45 for fifteen minutes. Eagle Fun Days: Time slots vary from one hour to two and a half hours throughout the day beginning at 11 am and ending at midnight.

  4. Payment
    Compensation is negotiable depending on length of performance and number of performers in a group. Bands are also allowed to put out a tip jar (busk) and sell merchandise. Performers will need to submit a signed contract, invoice and W9 form prior to the performance.
  5. Important Information
    The City will provide a sound system and sound engineer for special events. Bands must communicate with the sound engineer at least five (5) days prior to a performance.
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