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Call for Artists for Public Art Murals

  1. The Eagle Arts Commission (EAC) is issuing this “Call for Artists for Public Art Murals” to encourage a quality artistic collaborative effort. The EAC is seeking two (2) teams of artists to create and paint two (2) murals. Including the Team Leader, each team shall be represented by no less than two (2) artists and no more than five (5) artists. The murals shall be painted on the entrance walls of the Mace Trail underpass in the City of Eagle. One team will be assigned the north and south walls of the East Entrance and the other team will be assigned the north and south walls of the West Entrance. Each team shall choose how to address their assigned walls and will have seven (7) consecutive days to complete their work, not including weather. The application deadline is February 26, 2021, by 5:00 p.m.
  2. The west entrance to the greenbelt tunnel. The mural area is outlined in red.
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  4. The Letter of Interest should include: Why is the submitting artist(s) is interested in this opportunity? A description of how the artist will meet the needs of the project. A short, written explanation of your idea(s) for the design.
  5. Provide five (5) JPG images of current and past work.
    Each submitted image must be three hundred (300) dpi. The artist’s first name, last name, and the title of the artwork shall be included in the name of the JPG file as shown in the following example: Claude_Monet_Waterlilies.jpg.
  6. Please provide a colored underpass design proposal sketch
    Artists can submit up to two (2) proposals to be considered.
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