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City of Eagle Volunteer Release of Liability Contract

  1. Volunteer Information
  2. Authorization & Waiver
    The undersigned volunteer ("Volunteer"), in consideration for permission to participate as a volunteer for the City of Eagle (“City”), and in recognition of personal benefit from such program, the sufficiency of such consideration is acknowledged, hereby acknowledges and agrees to the following:

    1. Volunteer Relationship: Volunteer has expressed an interest in providing services, as needed, to the City on a voluntary basis. This Contract will apply to all events or activities at which the City permits Volunteer to provide voluntary services. Volunteer hereby acknowledges Volunteer’s desire to volunteer services to the City of Eagle. Volunteer understands and agrees that as a volunteer, Volunteer is not an employee, partner, agent, representative or contractor of the City under federal, state and/or local law or regulations. Volunteer also understands and agrees that because Volunteer is donating services to the City for educational and/ or altruistic reasons: (i) Volunteer has no expectation of any compensation, pay, fee or benefits for the services provided by Volunteer; (ii) Volunteer is not entitled to wages or employee benefits to which City employees are entitled; (iii) the City has not promised Volunteer any compensation for service as a volunteer; and (iv) the City has not promised or suggested that Volunteer will receive any employment opportunities, or greater consideration for any future employment opportunities, as a result of the volunteer service.

    2. Waiver of Liability and Release: Volunteer agrees to hold the City of Eagle, a political subdivision of the State of Idaho, and any and all directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, administrators, insurers and any elected or appointed officials of said City, individuals or entities affiliated with such persons and/ or entities, from any and all civil liability or any and all forms of injury which may arise as a result of Volunteer’s participation in such program. Volunteer assumes all risks of injury, including death, to Volunteer’s person and property, arising from service as a City volunteer the use of provided facilities and equipment, as well as participation in all activities.

    3. Rules, Policies, and Regulations: Volunteer further agrees that Volunteer has seen, read and understands the City’s rules, policies, and regulations, as contained in the 2009 City of Eagle Personnel Policy, applicable to each activity covered hereunder and agrees to abide by said rules and regulations.
  3. Signature & Acknowledgment of Waiver
    Volunteer certifies that Volunteer has read the foregoing contract and understands that the terms of this agreement are contractually and legally binding and that no verbal statement to the contrary, by any person or entity, can void or alter the terms of this contract. Further, Volunteer has reviewed and understands this document and by signing this form, Volunteer confirms that Volunteer understands the intent and purpose of this waiver.
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